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Interview debrief guide [Template]

The following questions are provided as useful starting points for facilitating post-moderated research conversation (for example, after an stakeholder or user interview [18F design methods] or a usability test [18F design methods]). We recommend copying the questions to collaborative writing tool and giving the team four minutes per section to respond, and then facilitating a section-wise discussion. GSA Staff, see this 18F only, Google Doc Template (GSA/TTS Access only).

Warm-up (4 minutes)

  • What stood out about this interview?
  • What are this participant’s goals? What matters to them?
  • What are their challenges or unmet needs?
  • What stories did this participant tell?

Concept test or demo (4 minutes)

  • What goal or task-oriented stories did this participant tell?
  • What words did the participant use to describe what they shared?
  • What aspects of the participant's task performance went well?
  • What aspects of the participant's task performance went poorly?

Retrospective (4 minutes)

  • What about this session reminded you of past sessions (if applicable)?
  • What went well about this session?
  • What went poorly (for example, uncomfortable topics, awkward transitions, etc.)?
  • How might the interview guide (or, if applicable wireframe or prototype) be updated before the next session?


This guide builds on the Example Debriefing Worksheet from Portigal Consulting.

18F User Experience Guide

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