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Deliver successful technology projects

Guidance for delivering successful custom technology projects in government.

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Only 13% of large government IT projects succeed*

Implementing custom software projects can be extraordinarily costly and risky in a government setting. Waterfall software development remains standard at all levels of government. Outdated budgeting and oversight processes have been designed around these very waterfall processes. Moving toward a user-centered, agile approach to this work will save millions of dollars in spending on bad software.

* From The Standish Group’s “Haze” report

Field Guides

60-page guide for executives, budget specialists, legislators, and other decision makers who fund or oversee state government technology projects.

128-page guide for federal executives, product owners, budget specialists, and agency staff who fund or oversee federal government technology projects.


18F can jump start your software development project with workshops that are tailored to reduce project risk, meet your goals, and deliver results to your users. These workshops are designed to teach the basics of modern software development best practices, coach your team through a shared understanding of the problem and likely solution, and deliver actionable next steps, such as a draft solicitation that is ready for release.

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