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Final selection meeting guide

The final selection meeting is where the 18F Engineering Hiring team completes the hiring process by recommending that an offer be extended to a candidate or not.


Despite being intimately involved in the interviewing of the candidate, the Interview team is not involved in final selection of candidates. This is intentional, for these purposes:

  1. Provide an organizational outlook. The 18F Engineering Hiring team has an understanding of the 18F Engineering staffing process and organizational needs, and can best answer what kinds of projects a candidate is staff-able on, using the interview data collected — as well as what new talents or skills the candidate can bring to the team.

  2. Adjust interview scores for discrepancies in interview teams. Despite our attempts to equalize the process across interviewers, some interviewers grade easier or harder than others. This provides an opportunity to adjust the scores given the Hiring team’s perspective as a member of many interview teams.

18F Engineering Hiring Guide

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