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Service blueprint example

This simple service blueprint is an example of how you might lay out the layers of your service. There are many ways to create a service blueprint and adapt the structure to best represent and capture your context.

This is a table showing an example service blueprint. The top row is the journey of a customer ordering and eating at a fast food restaurant. Each column is a different step in the customer's journey. The remaining rows describe different parts of the service and the support provided at each step in the customer’s journey.


User steps
The primary action someone takes when interacting with the service

Decide and look up how to get to the restaurant Arrive at the restaurant and order Find a table and eat the food Clean up and leave the restaurant


The online and offline interactions that users have with the service which includes the people, places, objects which users interact with

  • Website
  • Newspaper
  • Radio ad
  • Address search
  • Parking Lot
  • Lobby
  • Signage
  • Electronic menu
  • Counter
  • Cash register
  • Card reader
  • Paper goods
  • Condiment counter
  • Condiment containers
  • Napkins
  • Cutlery
  • Trash bin
  • Tray return


Activities in the systems and processes that support the frontstage experience, but are not visible to users

  • Website maintenance
  • Customer service support and staffing
  • Branding and advertising activities
  • Staff support and scheduling
  • Payment system
  • Menu upkeep
  • Staff support and scheduling
  • Dining area maintenance
  • Staff support and scheduling
  • Waste collection


Support processes
Activities executed by the rest of the organization or external partners — such as ongoing data management or software licensing — that don’t fall into the other rows

  • Advertising partnerships
  • Website server support
  • Branding and website efforts
  • Building license
  • Food supply
  • Gas, electricity, and water
  • Food safety regulations
  • Workers' union partnership
  • Employee policies
  • Cutlery supply
  • Cleaning supply
  • Furniture layout design
  • Waste management contracts
  • Customer service staff support and scheduling

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