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Measure success

We don’t just deliver exceptional digital services; we also aim to strengthen government technology practices in ways that last beyond our formal partnerships. How do we know that we are delivering on those goals as we build?

Keep in mind that our partners may be very new to how we work and the transformations we want to instill. Metrics enable our partners to better visualize the value that we are delivering.

Interpreting metrics throughout the project can be tricky (and subjective). However, having this barometer enables you to make informed decisions and adjustments to the team’s execution for future iterations.

Considerations: What it looks like to do this well

  • Goals, outcomes, and targets have appropriate, realistic measures indicating how we’ll know when they’re met.

  • The team is tracking both product success AND team success.

  • Metrics are used to forecast and adjust the trajectory of the project.

  • The state of the project can be reported in terms of measurable indicators at any time.

Activities: How to get there

  • Develop qualitative metrics of success such as individual sentiment, improved user journey, data quality, and adoption.

  • Develop quantitative metrics of success such as web traffic data that can validate qualitative data.

  • Continuously test with users and capture sound bites or video clips that representatively capture their experience.

Incorporation: What to do next

  • Periodically reevaluate your prioritized backlog, roadmap, and strategy based on the results of your measurements to ensure you’re on a path that will deliver good value to users.


  • Analytics suites like TTS’s Digital Analytics Program (DAP) can facilitate collecting activity and user data at scale.

  • Leverage PRA-approved feedback forms such as Touchpoints for continuous data collection, leveraging data and verbatims to report out on progress.

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